“Wow! What an amazing experience. We learned new techniques and now we have so much respect for these artists and their disciplines.”

Kassis Ohno, Superstar WWE NXT

Day 1: Wrestling pros becoming circus artists

The goal of this exchange was to see what circus artists and WWE athletes had in common, but also to identify their differences. For the first meeting, we prepared three activities. Firstly, an acting class workshop. Secondly, bungee jumping. And finally, circus disciplines connected to body control, like juggling.

“There is an element of entertainment in what we do. Being able to go out of our comfort zone and be a clown like we just did is something that is actually useful for us in our sport.”

Sonya Deville, Superstar WWE

Day 2: Circus artists becoming wrestling pros

During the second workshop, Cirque du Soleil artists went to the WWE training center to learn new techniques with the pros. We can say without a doubt that they won’t soon forget what they learned and the fun they had.

“It was amazing. I’ve never done anything so terrifying, and yet so rewarding.”

Cheryl Ann Sander, Cirque du Soleil Artist
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