The brief

For this costume, we were inspired from Bono’s laser jacket that he wore in the U2 360° tour. We wanted to change the design so that the lasers were integrated into the suit. Cirque du Soleil’s Atelier Numérique had already developed LED costumes for “Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour” and “Michael Jackson ONE” shows, but those used lasers instead of LED lights. 

An encapsulated LED.

So how did we create this?

We used circuits as big as an inch, covered with protective 3D printed caps. Atelier numérique also added a communication system to amplify the signal between the console and the stage. To add to the glittering effect, Cirque’s Atelier des costumes used some “specialty material”, a reflective gilded material that reflects the light produced by lasers.

Some “speciality material”

What’s next?

We would like to develop a mechanism that would allow to control each laser independently. This is a challenge because it involves a heavier suit and a more difficult system to manage, but nothing’s impossible eh?

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