The Origin of the Project

Born after a creative thinking workshop inspired by the Cyr wheel, the idea is to add a wheel which can turn independently of the outer wheel. This brings what we decided to call : The Ultimate Wheel.

Visually, it allows us to create many interesting illusions, because the speed of the artist does not correspond to the speed of the wheel anymore. Both wheels can spin different ways, giving us the impression of a wheel slipping on the ground and an artist standing motionless inside.

Everything is made possible by a ball bearing and a break. Which, once activated, allows the wheel to behave as a classic Cyr wheel. When released, both wheels become independent. It creates the desired visual effect of two wheels spinning in opposite ways. Pretty impressive !

Small Problems

  • Durability : the prototype was easily breaking.
  • Weight : the wheel was too heavy.
  • Noise : the bearing between the two pieces was too loud.
  • Friction : too much.

However, we showed it was possible. After many variations of the prototype, we had left to improve the product to make it usable.

utlimate wheel prototype 1 - image
Prototype 1
ultimate wheel prototype 2 - image
Prototype 2

The project was paused a few months. During an open innovation session in Kiev, Ukraine, the idea reappeared. We shared what we have learned so far. With partners, we were able to create a new prototype.

With this new version, the ball bearing is now placed inside, creating the illusion of only one real wheel.

We resolved the previous problems of the first version. Now, in case of breakage, the artist can repair the wheel himself. Much more practical.

Today, we can say that we finally have a functional prototype ready for the scene. The Ultimate Wheel is ready for the show!

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