The original concept of the Luzia blooming dress

The idea was to create a white dress that progressively gets soaked in blood from bottom to top, then go back to pure white. It was quite a challenge.

Rino Côté
R&D Advisor
Atelier Numérique
Luzia blood dress 1 - image
The dress…
Luzia blood dress 2 - image
gets soaked…
Luzia blood dress - 2
in blood.
Luzia blood dress draft - image

We first thought about using a red dye that would progressively soak the dress in red, but then we wouldn’t have been able to go back to the original white. It is our partner, Studio Moritz Waldemeyer that proposed to replace blood with flowers, that could appear white when closed and red when blooming.

Luzia blooming dress - white - image
You don’t see me.
Luzia blooming dress - red - image
Now you see me.

The principle they have developed is to have a central mechanism that rotates. In doing so, it allows the arms that make up the skeleton of the flower to open up and close, creating the blooming illusion.

Then, we slipped a flower-shaped mitten on the mechanism, which gave the system the desired flower look.

As you now know, each flower consists of a rotating mechanism. This mechanism is printed in 3D with nylon and has its own battery so each flower of the dress can function independently.

The first tests on stage were pretty satisfying, and a bit off at the same time, with these flowers moving on their own :p


Last but not least, if you wanna know how the flowers are triggered on stage, an operator controls the opening of the first flower in the bottom of the dress. As they are mounted in sequences, they open with a delay one after another in a spiral.

Bonus video, because you’ve reached this far 😉

One more thing, did the mechanism last for long?

Everything worked well for a while, but the first iteration of the mechanism was too primitive to withstand long-term touring. So we went back to the drawing board to create a faster version, more fluid and more resistant which still tours to this day. A 3D printer also follows the touring team. The tech team is always able to repair any flower that would go down along the way.

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