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The brief

Helene Fischer, Germany’s biggest pop star, asked 45 DEGREES, a division of Cirque du Soleil, to design her 2017 / 2018 live concert tour. She had one special request: to integrate water in innovative and captivating ways. So we explored how we could create a dress with material that is anything but easy to master.

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A surprising challenge

We worked with Crystal Group, a manufacturing company in Paris specializing in aquatic scenography. They helped us find a way to make water visible from afar. It was not easy but after a series of tests, our solution was to add air to the water which made it look whiter. 

Some tests we made with the belt.

After a few weeks, we received a prototype for half of the belt that could be tested on Helene Fischer. Considering the weight of the structure, entirely made of stainless steel, we had to make sure that it could rest on the artists’ hips.

dress process - image
A prototype of one half of the belt.

While the final model was being completed, we developed the applications that would be integrated into the dress. The concept was to use lace as a representation of the splash effect created by water. The lace was incorporated with silicone. It is more flexible for the suit and the belt. We then proceeded to mold the lace in urethane. More rigid, allowing for a beautiful aesthetic of self-supporting pieces on the belt and shoulders.

dress and lace - image

The final stage of the water dress involved applying the ornaments onto the belt and ensuring that they did not conflict with the overall functionality nor with Helene’s movement. Once the artistic balance was achieved, the dress was ready for the stage.

final result - image

The result?

A wow factor and one of the major highlights of the show.

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