For this project of lasers and human performance, we partnered with Adam Hummel and 4U2C. The concept was to use the floor as a screen on which video and laser could be projected, in the middle of which the artist could perform.

lasers and human performance - image
Performer on stage.
lasers and human performance 2 - image
Drawing of the original concept

We went to the drawing board and designed many geometrical sections in which the artist could express herself. 

laser circle 1 - image
laser squares 1 - image
laser triangle 1 - image
Triangle and circles.
laser circles 2 - image
Circles again.
laser circles 3 - image
Would you like some more circles?
laser circles 4 - image
Triad circles.

Contrasting with the usual coldness of the laser, this new mix of language released a beautiful form of poetry 🙂 

So how does it all work? 

lasers and human performance final - image
The stage.

Two video projectors are installed in opposite directions, one on the ceiling and one on the floor. On the ceiling, we added a laser that projects directly through a canvas. This canvas allowed us to exploit an additional area of projection between the ceiling and the floor. By adding smoke to all that, we were able to make the laser beam even more visible.

lasers and human performance final - image
Spooky smoke everywhere.

The result was a breathtaking hand balancing performance at the opening of C2 Montréal 2018.  


The project of mixing lasers and human performance was promising, we only touched the surface of what’s feasible. This alliance between laser and video projection opens the door to even more possibilities that we are probably going to explore further in the future.

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