The concept of the workshops with the Red Bull Cliff Diving Team was to mix the worlds of extreme diving and our circus expertise to observe what new experiences the participants would discover. One of the main goals was to take these athletes out of their comfort zone. We wanted to look at what we could create by combining extreme diving and artistic performances.

It’s incredible to be here, surrounded by so many talented artists from Cirque du Soleil. It’s very exciting.

Steven LoBue
Red Bull Cliff Diver

A clown workshop

While there, Cliff divers also had an acting class. The goal of this “clown” workshop was to get them totally out of their comfort zone. At first, some of them felt a little uncomfortable in their clown role, but that was the point!

It’s really cool to do something out of the ordinary that forces us to do things we aren’t used to doing on a daily basis.

Andy Jones
Red Bull Cliff Diver


Meeting new people, challenging yourself and learning in the process to become a better artist: that is what the Red Bull Cliff Diving Team took away from their experience with Cirque du Soleil.

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