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Cupid wanted to experiment with new techniques and new production tools, like 3D printing, laser cutting and prostheses, we sat with him at Atelier Numérique, Cirque du Soleil’s workshop, and got to work.

Hey Cupid, where does your general inspiration come from?

Things I see every day inspire me. Movies I watched as a kid, movies I watch now, and many other things. They can be physical or conceptual, though I am more inspired by feelings and emotions. The feeling of anger, sadness. Those are the phrases that inspire me. But also nature & humanity.

When you start creating something, what actually sparks that desire to create? When do you decide: ok, I want to try that, I want to make this into art?

Well, as soon as I have the idea, it is pretty instantaneous that I want to create something out of it. And if possible, I wanna make it work as soon as possible to avoid loosening the concept.

You told me during the week that you do 3D makeup. How would you describe your style more precisely?

Intricate and sculptural are two words that can describe it. I try to build as much as I can. I love to manipulate the human image as much as I can, too. The specific placement of materials on a face fascinates me.

Cupid look 1
Look 1 – Edited by Cupid

15 years from now, how do you see the state of makeup?

Hopefully, it becomes a lot, and people feel a lot more open to using it as an outlet rather than just a way to look like everyone else. Makeup should be a way to set you apart from everyone else. It shouldn’t be something that hides your image too much. I know that’s funny coming from me because it seems like I am always trying to hide something. But it is actually the exact opposite. I feel like every time I do a look, by the time I have taken off my last layer of naked skin this is when I am actually revealing to the world what’s underneath the makeup that my bare skin actually is.

A current trend is that the frontier between masks and makeup is getting thinner and thinner. What are your thoughts on that? And why do you think this is happening?

I think it is because of different reasons. But maybe the main reason is privacy, to hide your face and stuff. Because there is more censorship, and people are being watched 24/7. Sometimes you can use makeup as a sort of disguise. Facial recognition is everywhere. Your face is being seen by so many different people, and it’s being monitored and watched wherever you go. Definitely, makeup can be used as a sort of way to hide your identity and keep a little privacy in the future.

15 years from now, how do you see live entertainment? How do you think people will consume it?

Hum, I think it will definitely be more digital. The way technology has been heading for a while, you have to make something kind of interactive for the public and the way to do that, I guess, or the way it has been going towards is making it more digital. Something people could see through their phone or through their headset or virtual reality device. Maybe it is something that will become more virtual, or perhaps just more virtual elements that will be added to the overall experience.

Cupid look 2
Look 2 – Edited by Cupid

And what kind of experience do you see yourself going to 15 years from now?

Hopefully, 15 years from now I will be the next experience. [Laughs]

Oh, and what kind of live experience would that be?

Hopefully a performance.

What kind of performance?

I am trying to create more music. I hope 10 years from now, I will be in a space where I can make music. And performing, and hopefully finding exciting ways to do that.

Good! So, about the first look you did. The one with the mask and the girl. How and why, did you modify that picture that way? What is your take on the framing of the picture (square)?

I framed it as a square because this is generally how my work is displayed on Instagram. As for the background, I wanted to add the rainbow and stuff because I thought it was a proper setting for the look to exist in. I always ask myself: “If I wanted it to be existing in a place where would it be?” That is basically what I had in mind. And also, those backgrounds help the colors and stuff too.

What did you learn from that look in particular? What is your outcome? Would you like to push it further?

Definitely, I would like to push it further. If I were to do this again or change anything about it, I think it would be cool to make the wings move, or make the lightning change, add another lawyer. And to really expend it, exaggerate it.

Where do you think the inspiration came from? It is a mix between a scuba diver and an animal, what do you think? What is your main inspiration?

I think I was inspired a lot by cicadas and how their wings were shaped. Definitely for the wings shape. I have been waiting to play with latex for a while, so the fact that we found a way to apply it to the face was fascinating too.

For the second look, the one that was laser cut. Can you put us in context?

For that look, I was inspired by the shape of the actual facial applications. It was really realistic almost. To add the forms afterward if I had the proper time. For that look it was really otherworldly I guess, and like alien. But also, still, something about it feels so organic because it is supposed to look like skin too.

Cupid look 3
Look 3 – Edited by Cupid

And for the third look?

Greek mythology is something that has always interested me. I thought it would be exciting to play with that one since I already had the initial idea. Once I saw the jewelry piece in the flea market, I was really interested in using that for my third look. And later, the more I developed the look, the more I pointed in the direction of Greek mythology and making something more god-looking.

Overall, how would you describe your experience that week, and the three looks you developed, in a nutshell? Feelings, key take away…

I think it was an exciting combination of worlds, overall. What I do is kind of separate of what Cirque usually has done within the past. Two worlds met. I tried to find the meeting ground of the classic makeup performance of Cirque and what I would do.

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