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Yes, that happened.

It took some time to develop. It was considered almost impossible and it’s handmade.

Neeme Vaino
Chief R&D Fire Skin
cold fire experiment 2 - image

The Brief

For a long time, we wanted to be able to use this type of fire, “Cold Fire”, which seems to burn directly on the skin. So, to achieve this, we worked with Jacob Malm and Neeme Vaino, two pioneers who developed the product: the FIRESKIN360. We invited them to Montreal to learn how to use it.

Tests and gel cold fire - image

Cold Fire ? It is a flammable transparent gel that burns over another transparent gel that acts as a protective layer. It is possible to create a different product depending on the desired effect: flame height, color, duration, etc.

Cold fire experiment result - image

The main takeaway?

We now know that the protective gel must be carefully applied over a large area and smoothed before applying the flammable gel.

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