In order of appearance in the video:

-Micheal Jackson – Immortal Tour, “Human Nature” ;

-Micheal Jackson – Immortal Tour, “They don’t care about us” ;

-Micheal Jackson – Immortal Tour, “Mega Mix” ;

-Blue Man Group

What’s an “LED”? 

The light emitting diode (LED) is an optoelectronic device capable of emitting light when traversed by an electric current. 

LED Cord
LED Cord

The LED was chosen by our team because it has the advantage of being very bright, despite its small size. It is also much quieter than other illumination processes. Its only shortcoming? LEDs consume a lot of energy.

Bright costumes for the Michael Jackson show 

Mega Mix – Luminous glove

In Michael Jackson – Immortal Tour and ONE, the light elements used for the gloves as well as the stockings are made of strands composed of LEDs. These bright accessories really allow the audience to follow the movements of the dancer. 

Glove - Before assembling
Glove – Before assembling
Glove - After assembling
Glove – After assembling
Glove - Final result
Glove – Final result

Human Nature

We used the same type of process, still for the Michael Jackson show, to make contortionist costumes. 

Here, the assembly of LEDs is an innovation in itself. Initially, we used an electro luminescent (EL) string that had the same brightness all across. However, for this light to be clearly visible, it must be surrounded by almost total darkness. The Digital Workshop knew they were on to something and wanted to push this costume even further. That is why ten years ago we developed a strip of RGB LEDs, which made it possible to code each LED differently and thus create different lighting effects on each strip. Today, this process has become even more refined and is frequently used by our teams. See the photos of the installation below. 

Assembling Celest costume
Assembling Celest costume

Drawing - Celest
Drawing – Celest
Billie Jean
Billie Jean

The screens built into the “Soldiers” costumes in the Michael Jackson show are made from small LED screens called “Ipix”.

Other interesting projects  

LED circuit making a screen for the costume "Soldiers"
LED circuit making a screen for the costume “Soldiers”


For the tracker character in TOTEM, a system of LEDs was installed in the bottom of the top hat. 



Also, in the Zarkana show, the luminous element of the mad scientist’s glasses is made up of a RGB LED kit. 

Zarkana - Crazy scientist
Zarkana – Crazy scientist

To illuminate Cirque du Soleil’s stage costumes, we have tested and integrated several other lighting techniques. To learn more, here are two other articles of our bright costumes series:

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Sources:  Atelier numérique, Costumes and Accessories of Cirque du Soleil 

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