Each year, the international design competition The World of WearableArt® , also known as WOW®, receives hundreds of applications from all over the world. On top of notable mentions and cash prizes, the finalists have a chance to win an internship at Cirque du Soleil. In 2016, the latex vacuum costume “Cube” by Adam McAlavey won first prize in the “Red” section, while also winning the “Artisan Cirque du Soleil” prize.

Adam WOW winner
Adam MacAlavey
Winner of the Artisan Cirque du Soleil price
WOW, 2017

In April 2018, Adam McAlavey started his five-week residency where he had the opportunity to visit each creation department and experiment with all the new materials and technologies available at Cirque du Soleil. Born in London, United Kingdom, Adam studied art, animation and film making. He qualifies his creations as “wearable art”.

Winning art piece created by Adam, WOW, 2017

I wanted to wear crazy outfits but didn’t find anything I really liked. So, I bought a roll of latex and basically started making my own outfits.

Adam McAlavey

Creation of a costume from every angle

In order to create the costume’s structure, he uses simple materials with effectiveness: PVC plumbing pipes, gazebo tubing connectors, a lot of latex and creativity!

Until now, limited by the availability of materials, Adam could only create rectangles. Thanks to Cirque du Soleil’s Atelier Numérique , he was able to print different 3D shapes, giving him the chance to explore, create and discover new forms for his costumes.

The artistic performance

Adam’s residency would not have been complete without understanding how a dancer could best move in one of his costumes. He collaborated with our creation team and a dancer to choreograph a dance. Now, he wishes to improve his “wearable art” and develop new costumes to make the most of a dancer’s physical movements.

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